Monday, February 18, 2008

Over Dressed

Vanessa Feltz said on the radio this morning (my Mum listens to her) that it was going to very cold. So I put on my Mum's Russian hat ( not fur!!). I put my thermal vest that I bought in Florida ( thermal vest's - Florida, beats me) and I put on my jumper with the detachable furry cuffs, but with the cuffs on and my long black swishy coat that I bought in Paris, somewhere in Monmatre in a nice intimate boutique, on a lovely quaint backstreet , somewhere near where Renoir used to do his paintings and capture the tranquilty and je ne sais quais (?) of the mysterious Parisienne ambience, and my long boots that I had to buy in childrens size because I take size three to four in footwear and my long sensible scarf and I went out and now I'm bloody hot.
Thanks Vanessa.

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