Monday, February 4, 2008

New designers and stuff

february 4th or what!!! haven't blogged in a bit. really busy on my website - Just had an impromtu business meeting with a nice girl from Brooklyn named Lola, she is an up and coming designer. We spoke about featuring her work on my website. She seems cool.
I will also be meeting a jewellery designer in Notting Hill soon. Her label is called Stoosh! Which I just love. I hope to be featuring her work on my website as well. I love new designs, unusual stuff. I am all ready rethinking certain things on my website. it isn't looking like my vision as yet. Having said that I love my baby ( see previous blog). It's all good.
I am just so excited, networking, meeting people, it feels nice. i just can't wait for everything to take off.
Oh yeah, before I go I had a choclate cherry milkshake today which was so scrummy. My friend Janet, ordered a milk shake called ...Janet. it had Oreo cookies in it and marshmellows on the top. Yum.We went to Shakeaway in Croydon.
Anyway, see ya later

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