Thursday, March 6, 2008


Meet my mEgo, scroll over my image to learn more info. Create your own - it's kind of fun. The founders of mEgo - Ariel McNichol and Julia Johnston, thought this one up. The mEgo allows you to have a universal identity which you can then use on Facebook, Blogger,MySpace etc. Cool

This is a a buying/selling forum for fashion items. You can list your stuff for free and then they take 10% of your final sale price via paypal.You can also network with others in the fashion industry,find out about vacancies,etc. Has a nice 'buzz' about it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Welcome to Stoosh. This is the name of Alison's jewellery designs. Alison is a very talented individual who I met recently at a business seminar. She designs exquiste pieces of which I have the pleasure of featuring on my website - Everything is handmade and meticulosly put together using beads, metals and semi precious stones.

5247 The Professional iPod bag

5247 The Professional iPod bag
Ipod bags - cool. Take a look at this site

Audrey Hepburn

The Ultimate Style Icon

My Darling Mother

This is my mother who is a darling. This picture was taken back home home in Guyana, South America. My mother's hair was long enough to sit on, thanks to her Indian/Caribbean parentage. I adore this picture of my mother. She is wearing her own design - a plaid cowboy style sleevless blouse with a matching necktie finished in cool cotton. Mother ran this chic little number up on her Singer sewing machine.
I shall be releasing a limited edition version of this outfit in the summer on my website- It shall be dedicated to my mother, who is still as stylish today as she was then.

Bag Wars

Hey guys look at this bag and then check out the ManBag featured on my blog (mon,
3rd march). This bag costs £129.00 from John Lewis Mine costs £65.00. You do the math. Same quality, if not better. The strap on mine is actually finished in nylon - strong,hardwearing and is detachable. Sometimes your'e paying for the name or the rent of a top store in a prime location. Sometimes these bags are made by the same company and then they stick different labels on them. I know the manufactures of my products.This particular bag is manufactured by a family run business. I'm not into rubbishing other brands just to promote myself ,I just don't like being ripped off and I don't want you to be either. Don't believe the hype.


I have just discovered this website via Facebook. RadicalBuy allows you to buy and sell items similar to the ebay format but without the fees. Basically you can list your item for free, and they take a percentage at the end. You also offer to sell items for other people and receive a percentage from then for doing so. It's tipped as the next big thing and expected to give e-bay a run for their money. Lets see...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Man bags

I like the manbags on my own site. They are manbags that women can wear as well,but they are not unisex bags, they are woman-manbags. I just made that up

inretro - retro airline flight bags and retro styled fashion messenger and shoulder bags

I really dig this retro flight bag website. It reminds me of Leonardo Di Caprio in ' Catch Me if You Can'.
I will be featuring some cool hand made retro designer bags on my own website in the very near future. I will let you know as and when. I am in a business transition at the moment and there is more drama going on than a Christmas edition of Eastenders. All will be revealed.

Perilla Croissant Clutch Bags

Perilla Croissant Clutch Bags

I love the ' Croissant Bags' on this site - delicious. The Scarf Clutch bags are so simple and so beautiful.