Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Sunny Day

John Logie Baird - inventor of the television

L is for ...Lisa

A sun washed building in the heights

Lovers on the beach...

Church bells are a ringing...

Romantic old buildings...

Little houses ,ever so sweet...

Leafy pathways tucked away...

Cups and saucers, mirrors and paintings...

Old coins,pearls on a string, dusty books and delicate lace handkerchiefs...

Beautiful things in a beautiful shop...

A bicycle to ride into the sunset with.A lady just looking...

Interior Illusions...

A little shop of delights

Hello Mr Statue up there...

Trinkets in a box for £1 each...

The Old Bank House

The ebb and flow of the tide, time to go home...

I spent last weekend in the beautiful coastal town of Hastings. The famous battle of Hastings, taking place in 1066, saw Englands first Norman king on the throne otherwise known as Willian The Conqueror. In addition to this, it was here that John Logie Baird invented the television. Nice one Mr Baird.
The weather was ldyllic last week, the sun was ever so sunny. Apart from foolishly wearing platforms (they make my legs look longer in my new pair of jeans) eveything was lovely. There is definitley a French influence in Hastings, having being conquered by a French King. I found myself transported to some of my favourite areas of Paris, as I meandered(wobbled) around this beautiful town.There i an amazing selection of interesting antique shops, interior stores and yummy restaurants. I enjoyed a delicious plate of fish and chips! I took pictures with my Blackberry, and I can be a bit cock eyed, but I hope you enjoy...

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Even more beautiful things!

Embossed metal wall plates designed by Australian artist and poet, Richard Tipping.

This set of four elegant pastel dessert plates echoes Simmons' recent large-scale photographic works. The four tantalizing designs feature extravagant collages of cake, candies and biscuits arranged by flavour lemon, mint, chocolate and strawberry. Each vibrant collage stretches out and covers the eight-inch plate creating a fanciful fun pop image. Each set includes 4 plates, one of each design.

This is an approved reproduction of Hoffmann's original lamp design from 1901, made by Woka Lamps Vienna

Lovers at The Movies Mini Print

Marilyn Monroe Iconic Print

This is an approved reproduction of Hoffmann's original lamp design from 1901, made by Woka Lamps Vienna

This is an approved reproduction of Hoffmann's iconic chair design from 1908, made by Wittmann Furniture. Josef Hoffmann, with his creative power and above all, his feeling for design, played a major part in the shaping of the aesthetic perception and understanding of the 20th century.

A stunning camera that would be a real treat for any photographer.

Quality canvas tote bag, featuring the Baldessari lithograph I Will Not Make Any More Boring Art, 1971.

Designed by Mimi for Tate, this is a beautiful, sturdy leather bag

Premium leather tote bag designed by Mimi exclusively for Tate.

100% cotton Pop Life tote bag.

Stunningly colourful bag designed by Cristian Zuzunaga.

Simple and symbolic bookbag featuring Picasso's blue and green La Columbe, 1961 on one side and 'Picasso' written in navy blue on the other.

Wear a little love with this beautiful silver-plated lapel pin featuring LOVE, by Robert Indiana.

Felicity Gail jewellery is made by Debbie Brenner and Jackie Durrans. Their designs are inspired by works of art that have caught their imagination. Working together, they handcraft their jewellery from semi-precious stones, glass and sterling silver.

Own your own piece of Grayson Perry pottery in this unique reliquary pendant.

"I think that the way we look at art comes from religion. We go to special buildings to stare at significant and precious things. We feel it is good for us. Tate Modern is a 21st century cathedral. Artists are saints and holy fools. Here is a relic of one of them to take home from your pilgrimage." Grayson Perry

Beautiful and unique perspex bracelet made by jewellery designer Tamsin Howells, and using fabrics from innovative textile design duo Wallace Sewell.
Each item is uniquely handcrafted using individual fabric pieces encased inside two layers of perspex

Designed exclusively for Tate by Takako Copeland, Family Tree jewellery uses traditional Washi Japanese Paper, printed in Kyoto using an original stensil from the turn of the 20th Century, encased in perspex and shaped to produce distinctive and modern jewellery pieces.

We are enjoying a few days of lovely weather here in London, England. The unexpected sunny days have been the perfect excuse to don a full summery ensemble. The unpredictable English weather does have a tendency to attract some over zealous types or two. Whilst wearing a pretty summer dress is perfectly acceptable for the current, temperature, wearing a bikini to visit the local supermarket is not.Especially when it has been known to be sunny and snow on the same day.
Anyway, I have decided to extend the theme of gift shop goodies, as this is my latest thing. Today I am featuring the gift shop from the Tate Modern. Created in the year 2000 from a disused power station in the heart of London, Tate Modern displays the national collection of international modern art. This is defined as art since 1900. International painting pre-1900 is found at the National Gallery, and sculpture at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Tate Modern includes modern British art where it contributes to the story of modern art, so major modern British artists may be found at both Tate Modern and Tate Britain. I would encourage to visit the site to learn more, it's so interesting.
Now onto the shopping part,I have selected a few bits and pieces for you to take a look at.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Oh the joy of finding beautiful things...

The Cutty Sark

Greenwich Park

Travel Journal

Sunburst Wall Clock

Star Necklace

Recycled Necklace

Recycled Cuff

Alice Gow Triple Orb Necklace

Alice Gow Silver Earring

Alice Gow Orbit Ring

Night Sky Messenger Bag

Greenwich Tote Bag

Wash bag

My work schedule has become increasingly more busy of late. Hence the lack of posts! However, I am endeavouring to deliver. Apologies for lack of posts and comments!
In between working on my online boutique The Style Mansion, I have managed to enjoy some leisurley days out.
My yummy mummy and I recently had a wonderful day out in Greenwich,a favourtie haunt of mine. As afore mentioned in previous blogs, Greenwich London is an historical area, once home to King Henry VIII. Greenwich is famous for its nautical connections and boasts the spectacular Maritime Museum, Greenwich Observatory and the famous Cutty Sark.It also has one of the most beautiful parks in London.
Mummy and I started out our day by taking a slow and pleasant walk across the park. We then decided to visit the museum. I was absolutley esatic when we happened upon the gift shop and discovered so many beautiful things...