Monday, February 25, 2008


Seventies fashion is coming around again. Bell bottom flares and blouses covered in bright happy colours and rainbows dancing. The latest fashion mags are showing you how to put it all together and where to get it from. If it's your thing I suggest your local charity/thrift shop will do. Also Brick Lane Market, Portabello and Brixton Market should serve you well. Alternatively, see if anyone you know has anything stored away from that era - you never know, and you'll get something far more original than some of the mock stuff that's being churned out right now.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This is my friend Jin modelling one of my bags from my website. She was a superb model and totally cool.
It seems everyone fancies themselves as a model nowadays. I mentioned to a few people that I have started my gallery on my website ( It's simply a page whereby you can see various people modelling my bags etc.Now all of a sudden everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. People are volunteering their services. I shall have to start asking people to show me their portfolios and the like. Or perhaps I will have to create my own version of America's Next Top Model in my living room. My mum can do the filming on my camera phone. I will subject each candidate to unneccesary and pretentious model shoots and then have them stand before a panel of judges, who will in turn ridicule and humiliate them.
I will make comments like " Well Shequila, I don't know if you have what it takes to make on to my website...I see before me a young lady with a model struggling to get out from inside of her (images of Alien come to mind) ..."
So let the games begin. If you feel like appearing on my site, contact me at : . Anything for a laugh eh....

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Scarlet Vogue Gallery

My new Scarlet Vogue Gallery will feature friends, family, customers modelling my products. My first entry will be Leighton the Barber who happens to be a body builder in his spare time. He looks good and can give you a very nice haircut to boot. Not just a pretty face. To see him in person you can visit him six days a week at Sophique Hair Salon, Anerley Road, London, Se19. Call 020 8676 0415 to book an appointment. He is modelling one of my Man Bags from Visconti, and very nice it looks too. So take a look on
See ya

Monday, February 18, 2008

Over Dressed

Vanessa Feltz said on the radio this morning (my Mum listens to her) that it was going to very cold. So I put on my Mum's Russian hat ( not fur!!). I put my thermal vest that I bought in Florida ( thermal vest's - Florida, beats me) and I put on my jumper with the detachable furry cuffs, but with the cuffs on and my long black swishy coat that I bought in Paris, somewhere in Monmatre in a nice intimate boutique, on a lovely quaint backstreet , somewhere near where Renoir used to do his paintings and capture the tranquilty and je ne sais quais (?) of the mysterious Parisienne ambience, and my long boots that I had to buy in childrens size because I take size three to four in footwear and my long sensible scarf and I went out and now I'm bloody hot.
Thanks Vanessa.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bloggedy blogg blog blog

I have been reading up about blogging techniques and stuff and it is getting me well vex cos I just don't get it. I'm supposed to do all this blogging stuff to promote my new website Hence the title of this post. Please note as I typed the title, I pressed the keys on my laptop really hard to vent my frustration, yes I took it out on my laptop keys and I don't apologise. Contact the laptop keys care line if you like cos I don't give a qwerty.
Visit my website and take a look at what I've done just to prove that I am not mad, I have my lucid moments.
Goodnight, God bless, you've been a wonderful audience,surf safe.

Monday, February 4, 2008

New designers and stuff

february 4th or what!!! haven't blogged in a bit. really busy on my website - Just had an impromtu business meeting with a nice girl from Brooklyn named Lola, she is an up and coming designer. We spoke about featuring her work on my website. She seems cool.
I will also be meeting a jewellery designer in Notting Hill soon. Her label is called Stoosh! Which I just love. I hope to be featuring her work on my website as well. I love new designs, unusual stuff. I am all ready rethinking certain things on my website. it isn't looking like my vision as yet. Having said that I love my baby ( see previous blog). It's all good.
I am just so excited, networking, meeting people, it feels nice. i just can't wait for everything to take off.
Oh yeah, before I go I had a choclate cherry milkshake today which was so scrummy. My friend Janet, ordered a milk shake called ...Janet. it had Oreo cookies in it and marshmellows on the top. Yum.We went to Shakeaway in Croydon.
Anyway, see ya later