Friday, February 22, 2008


This is my friend Jin modelling one of my bags from my website. She was a superb model and totally cool.
It seems everyone fancies themselves as a model nowadays. I mentioned to a few people that I have started my gallery on my website ( It's simply a page whereby you can see various people modelling my bags etc.Now all of a sudden everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame. People are volunteering their services. I shall have to start asking people to show me their portfolios and the like. Or perhaps I will have to create my own version of America's Next Top Model in my living room. My mum can do the filming on my camera phone. I will subject each candidate to unneccesary and pretentious model shoots and then have them stand before a panel of judges, who will in turn ridicule and humiliate them.
I will make comments like " Well Shequila, I don't know if you have what it takes to make on to my website...I see before me a young lady with a model struggling to get out from inside of her (images of Alien come to mind) ..."
So let the games begin. If you feel like appearing on my site, contact me at : . Anything for a laugh eh....

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