Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Style Hydration

As with each New Year,we are faced with the various methods of atoning for our sins of over indulgence. Apart from our optimistic resolutions to visit the gym, start a new healthy eating regime, the word detox becomes the new 'in' word for January. The market becomes flooded with various amazing detoxing programmes, claiming all kinds of transforming qualites. Such programmes, formulas and magical elixirs often come along with an impressive price. The general understanding being - the more you pay the better it is. If you say so. However, listening to a doctor on tv yesterday, he dispelled the detox myth. He explained that the best detox system we could hope for is out own liver and kidneys.They have been perfectly designed to filter and get rid of our bodies impurities. Once you don't marinate them in gin and vodka of course. A little assistance for our God given in built detox system comes by way of nothing but sweet pure water. I suggest you cancel your detox programme that you took a mortgage out to pay for and go buy some water instead. In fact you can do it in style, flaunting some of these designer water bottles.The likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix have turned their hand to creating limited edition bottles for Evian.Serve water in style at the dinner table in beautiful glass decanters. Even a pretty vase can become an improvised water jug. Add slices of lemon and lime, orange or mint leaves for a delicate hint of flavour. You can even become a water connoisseur and buy a copy of Fine Waters by Michael Mascha to study.
A Happy Detox to you!


Inspiration in Italy said...

Oh I love the water inspiration and I definitely AM inspired to drink more acqua! I actually get headaches when I don't! :) Thanks for the reminder, Love... ♥


Elizabeth said...

Gah, Evian is serious about their bottles. Pretty :)

my Shopping bag said...

That's my 2010 resolution - drink plenty of water, and why not with style! :-)

LenkaLovee said...

true, true, true!! :)
i have to get myself one of those amazing water bottles..they are all so stunning! wow... i couldn't believe it when you said they're all water bottles .... wow.. well actually, i have a tendency to misplace my water bottles so idk...lol. :)
great post..once again! :)

Julie Magers Soulen said...

Water is definitely the elixir of life. Thanks for your visits and comments to my blog too.

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My Favourite Things said...

I agree...I tried to start a cleanse yesterday and almost fainted at one point! (I've stopped since then). For the most part, I think cleanses are a shock to the system...I'm all for exercise, helathy eating, and lots and lots of water! Those Evian bottles are so pretty!!

Pia said...

those evian bottles are super super chic! i'm very thirsty now

Allison said...

Those bottles are BEAUTIFUL! Evian seriously has some of the PRETTIEST bottles I have EVER seen- and water it truly a great thing to drink.. thanks for that reminder!

Afrika said...

wow! those evian bottles are perfectly designed.

Alexandra said...

If these aren't signs of indulgence than I dont know what is! Although I really do love the celebratory Evian bottles! They're gorgeous display pieces or for a fabulous party!

Taylor @ Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too said...

Oh I love this! And you blog-Im a new follower :)