Wednesday, December 2, 2009

We Interrupt This Fashion Blog To Introduce Mousey

Hey guys, now I know that this supposed to be a blog about fashion, however I just HAD to blog about Mousey! He is a cute adorable handmade Mouse I bought as a Christmas gift for my sister.Mousey is made by Sheepshape, a wonderful homecraft business run by an equally wonderful lady named Elizabeth. Mousey is made with hand spun Leicester Wool, then knitted and finished off with a polyester stuffing and the cutest child safety eyes.
I ordered him from Sheepshape
and he arrived superfast in the best ever packaging. I also had the choice to have him gift wrapped if I wished. Elizabeth was ever so efficient,friendly and professional.
Now, I had to present Mousey to my sister as an early Christmas gift, as she is off to Africa over the holiday season. She yelped with delight when she saw Mousey and hugged him. He will be going on Safari with her. Keep posted for pictures. We can't decide whether to kit him out with a Safari outfit or let him run wild au naturel.
Elizabeth has created a fantastically huggable collection of other delightful soft toys. I suggest you hurry over to her store right now,especially if you live over here in the UK - Elizabeth is off to live the U.S pretty soon. Don't worry you will still to be able to order - but you have to pay more shipping! Hurry!

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