Thursday, December 10, 2009

Simon& Me Snowboarders against Global Warming

Simon& Me are a fantastic group of cool snowboarders from Germany who have created awesome designs to spread a very important message. Their label - Simon & Me - are spreading the message about our melting ice caps - the effects of global warming, as well as other serious issues.
The Style Mansion has joined together with Simon & Me to help raise awareness. All proceeds made for the sales of Simon&Me designs via The Style Mansion will be donated to the World Wild Life Fund. The designs are fantastic and you don't have to be a snowboarderto rock them! Please visit - and click on the front page link to visit the Simon & Me shop. Please forward the site details to all of your lovely friends, who I know care about the planet as much as you do.
Many thanks

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LenkaLovee said...

i like the snowflake desing and thats a creative way to get the word out about global worming! :)
thanks for you lovely comment on my blog! :) it made me happy! :) im so glad you're working on bringing some ppl to the Lord, that's amazing, and you are in my prayers. :)nothing that i could ever say can compare to the reward god will give you at the end. :) because he is simply that amazing. :)