Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elyse Levesque - Toro Woman photoshoot in a mansion

Darryl Humphrey is an old mate who I had my first saturday job with. We worked together when we were 16 in the staff kitchen of a department store. Despite the Victorian like drudgery of the job, we always managed to have fun times.
Darryl is one of those amazingly multi talented guys who is just brilliant at everything he does - without being annoying.
Darryl left his successful business career behind and has now moved on to become an even more successful photographer. Now rubbing the shoulders with A list stars, Darryl has done himself proud ...and me too!
Despite his hectic schedule and high profile status, he still finds time to emcourage me in my endeavours. This blog is one product of his on going encouragement (and much needed chastisement at times), it would not exisit without him! I am so glad he did because of all of you blog lovlies I have had the pleasure of getting to know.

Included is a video of Elyse Levesque,directed,shot and edited by Darryl

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