Monday, March 22, 2010

Man Oh Man !(Including You Afrika)


Nike AF1 High Supremes

Vivienne Westwood Striped Coat

Vivienne Westwood Short Coat

Vivienne Westwood Sports Jacket

Dolce&Gabbana Key Ring

Dolce&Gabbana Belt

Welder Black Square Watch

King Baby Silver Stars Bracelet

McQ Mechanics TShirt

D&G Sunglasses TShirt

D&G Rodeo Tshirt

To-Orist Silver Claw Tshirts

To-Orist Anatomy TShirt

True Religion Jimmy Denim Jacket

D&G Biker Jacket

Marc Jacobs Drawn Shirt

Seven Stirling Silver 'Key' Keyring

Toywatch - Jelly Chonograph

Armani Watch

Techno Marine Diamond Watch

Burberry Watch

Vivienne Westwood Cruise TShirt

D&G Silk Tie

D&G Bomber Jacket

D&G Velvet Jacket

Mulberry Wallet

Mulberry Brown Barnaby Bag

Mulberry Messenger

Paul Smith Dog Tie

Paul Smith Crane Cufflinks

Paul Smith Floral Tie

Paul Smith Cufflinks

Paul Smith Holdall

Ralph Lauren Fleece

Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt

Ralph Lauren Sweatshirt

Alexander McQueen Hooded Sweatshirt

I was asked by the amazingly cool Afrika for more stuff about menswear designers. This post is actually full of random clothing and accessories as I got carried away. I will do some more organised posts in the near future - including independent menswear designers, male grooming and catwalk. For all the ladies, I hope you get some inspiration for your boyfriends/husbands!


Josie said...

ArmaniArmaniArmani! That is positively incredible.
xxoo Josie

Inspiration in Italy said...

This is an awesome post, what a great idea!!! I love the Vivienne Westwood Sports Jacket, soooo stylish. I just love when man cares about dressing well and these are some really great ideas.

Thank you for your recent comments and your first gave me chills! What a beautiful way of writing you posess....

My Favourite Things said...

That Vivienne Westwood striped coat is amazing-very Chuck Bass ;) Love the D&G leather jacket too!

Afrika said...

Wow! You are indeed an expert in style. I can definitely see myself wearing a couple of these pieces. I like the D&G biker jacket and rodeo t-shirt a lot. I like the toywatch too because it looks quirky and interesting. I like the pictures on the Paul Smith crane cufflinks. I've never seen cufflinks like that before. Amazing stuff Style Mansion, as usual.

AB HOME Interiors said...

Love those cufflinks!!

Erika said...

I really like the Vivienne Westwood Short Coat. I need to find a cute boy who wears things like that!! :)

Elizabeth said...

Love the VW sports jacket...very handsome lineup!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

I love the Vivienne Westwood Jackets.

The Zhush said...

All the t shirts, watches and key chains gave me some great gift ideas, not to mention that amazing two tone belt! Thanks!

English Rose ♥ said...

This post must have taken you ages!

Merci beaucoup for stopping by - have an immense week darling =]

You should definitely enter my new giveaway!

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

class act said...

Hmmm, definitely some amazing ideas here. I really love the Ralph Lauren "England" polo. I saw a few weeks ago in a RL store by my house that they had an Italy one. My boyfriend would love that! I also love the d&g tee's you picked...they always have fun shirts.

A Whimsical Girl Named Debbie said...

The Vivien Westwood jacket, the D&G them! I, too, need to find a man to dress up! Great post, my dear!

Join the Gossip said...

Guys have such awesome coats. Oh and to be able to wear a T-shirt on a "fat day"--lucky dudes haha!

Inspiration in Italy said...

You are so sweet...and you can title my photos ANY time you like! :):)

Nina said...

I love the Vivienne Westwood jackets!

Pia said...

love all the vivienne westwood finds! and al of the paul smith ties! must buy one for my boyfriend!

MissNeira said...

That striped coat is fabulous! love it! That would be a very yummy man


Glam Girl said...

Great outfits for men! The watches look great

dj nikki beatnik said...

Hey Lady
Thanks so much for all the love on my Blog, I barely have time to leave comments as Im in the studio making records, but love what you are doing..
N xx

tinymiyo said...

that D&G and Armani suit....gosh, its pure sex.

Yelena said...

Love this idea! and such great finds! :) i do love some of those dress suits.. yummy ;)
i've missed your blog, doing some catching up now.
oh and i tagged you in a fun little survey if you want to particpiate! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Sublime post, sweet dear, I will be swooning over the idea of a man (errr, I mean my man ;D) wearing those utterly amazing Vivienne Westwood coats (chiefly the first two) all day long now.

Thank you for the marvelous post, speaking of fellas, I think I'll send this along to mine - what guy couldn't pick up a few pointers from this terrific article? :)

Tons of hugs!
♥ Jessicas