Sunday, February 7, 2010

I Spy With My Fashion Eye

Wardrobe Project.Com Japanese A Line Skirt $25

Wardrobe Project.Com Jumbo Collar Dress $35

Wardobe Project.Com Colour Block Dress $28

Girls NIght Out Vintage Cigar Box Purse $69

Girls Night Out Vintage Comic Book Cigar Box Purse $110

Plaid Pony Vintage Train Set Cufflinks $24

Uptown Studio Sister disc in Sterling Silver $24

Bari.J Lizzie Pouch in Fuschia Pussywillows $15

Emporio Roma Hoodie $32

Emporio Roma Spaghetti Tank $21

Mixer Friendly Lucie T Shirt

Plaid Pony Vintage Gold Bag $24

Katherine Alexander Key Chain $15

Katherine Alexander Sheer Halterneck $165

Mr Blonde Raggedy Anne Pinstripe Vintage Dress $79.95

Mohops High Maple Wedge Sandal $148 (visit site to see how to tie in different styles!)

Mr Blonde French Maid Mini dress/Top $79.95

Decadent Designs Bubble Dress $165

Tasty Jewellery Mod Drop Earrings $18

Ao3 Designs Coquette Clutch $55

Heartbeaker Fashion Midnight Blue Sweetie Dress $90

Heartbreaker Fashion Fifi Dress $79.99

Heartbreaker Fashion Ellie Tie Top $42.00

Heartbreaker Fashion Rodeo Tie Top $42

Hope you all had a lovely weekend. I spent yesterday with a friend who wanted to view a property in Wimbledon (where the Wimbledon championships take place). We passed briefly through Wimbledon Village, which is a simply lovely place. There are lovely independent boutiques, with all sorts of fashion goodies.Somewhat pricey however, but still great for window shopping. I love to visit Wimbledon Village in the summer - it's a great place to people watch and an enjoy a cup of tea. There is also a farmers market, offering delicious fayre such as homemade jams and freshly laid eggs.
We arrived at the property, only to be locked out as the developer had given us the wrong keys. We soon gathered an audience, as my friend attempted to try the lock with the wrong keys seveal times. I didn't mind the audience as I was wearing a pair of my favourite shoes - silver dolly shoes with a bow, which I actually bought from a childrens shoe department for about £15/$24.
We gave up and went home to a lovely roast dinner with all the trimmings.
I have selected a few pieces from independent designers,mainly from the U.S (you talented lot you!)


Debbie said...

Love love love!! There are several items in this post that I would wear (and I'm drooling over the train cufflinks; what a unique gift they would make for my brother)

Hehe to the key adventure! Always be caught wearing something you love :-)

LenkaLovee said...

once again, such lovely selections.. i love the first three! so gorgeous! :)
your weekend sounds delightful - down to the shoes on your feet! :) oh how exotic your life sounds..;)

Josie said...

LOVE the vintage gold and the black-and-white bag with the bright blue ribbon on it -- I've always liked those colors together. Also in love with that midnight blue silk dress!
xxoo Josie

Pia said...

that japanese skirt in the beginning is sooo fun :)

Inspiration in Italy said...

Wimbledon Village sounds divine and so does a roast dinner! I love the sweetie dress and the cigar box purse, too! You have such a great sense of style....


Vanilla said...

Love the coquette clutch! it's so cute :)

Love vanilla

Dolly Daydream said...

I love these fashion items..
Hmm, I get your point about the fashion buyer thing but I do not think it would satisfy my creative cravings (I like that creative cravings, creative cravings)

From Dolly

Tuesdai Noelle said...

I adore the pink, black and turqoise dress, very pretty! Oh and your comment on "Surrogates" really has me thinking :) That IS SOO TRUE! Each person indeed has a define purpose with their name on it,---so much so only Lisa can do it :::smiles:::. I sometimes, try to think of the complete destiny as to what I'm really "the only one" (so to speak) that's designed to do as I do. But with all things, life reveals it. Thanks again for that :)!

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

I wonder what that Japanese skirt says? It looks really cool!

I love the cufflinks! I'm always on the look out for cool, new cufflinks.

Inspiration in Italy said...

I'm still smiling from your comment....

I think I need to compile all of your amazing comments into one blog post - a story of me through the eyes of The Style Mansion....they are just too good!

Love xx

Audrey Allure said...

love the selections - especially the trends from past decades. my favorites are the color block dress & the heartbreaker fashion midnight blue sweetie dress. beautiful!

Nina said...

Oh no, I hope that wasn't a waste of an afternoon?!

You always have a great eye for the best fashion picks!

Elizabeth said...

I love the Coquette Clutch...the colors go together perfectly.

Michelle said...

That sounds like such a great weekend!

Join the Gossip said...

Great finds! I really like the Ao3 purse =)

English Rose ♥ said...

I adore htem all - those vintage cigarette box purses are fab!

Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comment on my blog, I’m so glad you enjoyed reading it half as much as I did writing it and I absolutely loved hearing your opinion. Its comments from lovelies like yourself that make blogging worthwhile =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x

Viva La Fashion said...

that skirt is so cool! i love it! :D

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Lovely selections...I really love the sheer halter turtleneck!

Graham I. Haynes said...

Thanks for the nice comment :)

I also love your sense of style. In this post the Japanese skirt particularly caught my eye.

Chrissystina said...

The jumbo collar dress? What!? It's perfect. Do you only scout for designers in the UK? I got a friend who used to be a stylist, but now designs her own jewelry that has been featured everywhere., if you'd like to take a look. She's fierce with it:-D

English Rose ♥ said...

Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
English Rose x