Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Antique Perfume Bottles

I have decided that I like antique perfume bottles and that I am going to collect them. I have toyed with the idea of becoming an antique collecter for a few years now. I was watching an antiques programme the other day and they were discussing antique perfume bottles. I decided that collectig these would be my first venture. They are so pretty and quaint and romantic. I intend to have a beautiful boudoir one day in which I will place my lovely collection of perfume bottles. They will look beautiful twinkling in the light of my antique chandilier...


Clelia said...

I love all of them! amazing bottles

good luck with your boudoir :)


Glassartiste said...

Your audience can be directed to see pics and videos featuring a decade of collecting, reclaiming & decorating with bottles (& stained glass) at As an artist, my glass collections have presented in art galleries and antique events. The glass collection consists mainly of discarded or devalued objects, which were bought and sold in estate sales, antique/consignment shops and garage sales in the NE USA. Framed in wood sashes or in printer type trays, these glass objects invoke a contemporary yearning in each of us to reclaim them as artifacts of beauty, form, function, color and history. Either new or old, expensive or otherwise, my Glass Presentation reevaluates their significance and recreates for each - a New Context. See how an artist reclaims from Earth to decorate the World! …And Go on a, ‘Glass Odyssey’

Glassartiste said...

Thank you for posting the comment on your website.
Below is a link to my classic video, "Perfume Bottles on Two Tiers" featured on YouTube (Glassartiste). While there, view many videos on antique perfume bottles and stained glass.

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Carlos Morales