Thursday, August 27, 2009

Time For A New Bag

Buying a new bag is a liberating experience. We all have our old favourites which we cling on to for ages like a faithful friend. However the time comes along when it's gone passed the 'worn in nicely' stage to just plain tatty, bordering on disgraceful. Time for a new bag. The freshness,the neatness, the clean cut unabused pockets and zip compartments - a new bag. A new bag symbolises the return of order to our sometimes disorderly lives. No more shaking out the crumbs from the half eaten cereal bar,lost in the abyss that is the bottom of your old bag. No more searching frantically for your mobile phone,ringing desperatley from the beyond within your bag. Ringing " answer me, answer me/help me/save me/deliver me - I'm lost in here because you couldn't be bothered to put me in the mobile phone compartment anymore - I'm being tossed around in hell like darkness because you don't care about this bag anymore like you did when you first bought it. Face it, it's over, the love has gone,just buy a new bag and put me out of my misery,besides all those calls your missing, it's just not worth it"
Time for a new bag. I love this 'Striped' bag from the Visconti range. It's a beautiful bag available in black or this elegant red shade. Wear it in the city,wear it in the evening. It looks good whenever,wherever. I have several Visconti handbags and shoulder bags and they are amazing. They tick all the right aesthetic boxes as well as offering amazing functionality.

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Michelle said...

I adore buying a new bag. I've been in the market for one for a while, but I'm waiting til I find something perfect that I can't live without.