Friday, May 16, 2008

Famous people

I reckon that I have seen an above average amount of famous people in my life time.If you reckon you have too, let me know. Here is a list of all the famous people I have seen so far:
Daniel Day Lewis at the stage door after a production of Hamlet
Dame Judy Dench at the same place
Thierre Henry at the Dorchester Footballer of the Year awards
Sol Cambell same place
Shearer same Place
Issac Hayes at JFK airport
Bounty Killer at JFK airport
Vanessa Redgrave at Heathrow airport
Gabriel Byrne in Manhattan walking along the road (sidewalk,hee hee)
Victoria Beckham walking along Sloane street with her sister
James Earl Brown on my flight to Florida
Joakim Noah NBA basketball player at his friends house in Manhattan,cos he's my cousin's friend
Bamba Gasgoine, at a production of one of my sister's plays
Paddy Ashdown,near the houses of Parliament
Simon and Yasmin Le Bon in WH Smith.Sloane square, when I worked in the 'sound' department
The Duke of Kent,same place
Ginger Rogers!!!! same place (book signing)r.i.p
Dirk Bogarde !!!! same place r.i.p
Princess Beatrice, Kings Road
Louise - singer
Paula Yates - r.i.p
Ronnie Corbett in Anereley in his chauffeur driven car
All of the Dragons from Dragons Den, walking randomly from near Tower Bridge
Will Young,in Clapham
Princess Diana,at a film premier Leicester Square r.i.p

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